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We help our clients address a variety of complex design challenges with the aim of improving their organisations. Read our case studies to learn more about what we do, perhaps we could help your business too.
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Thales Data Threat Report 2021

The Design Museum 'Sneakers Unboxed' exhibition interface design

The Design Museum 'Sneakers Unboxed' exhibition interface design

Spamhaus IP and domain checker

Creating clarity in a stressful process

Cambridge Open Engage Branding

A brand is more than just a logo and a recognisable name. The experience and connection with that brand or product is what users don’t forget.

Thales Data Threat Report 2020

Campaign visuals, asset roll out and implementation of Thales’ yearly Data Threat Report campaign.

A great User Experience (UX) can drive tangible business results.

The benefits of modern technology can be outweighed by increased complexity. We helped Cambridge University Press improve engagement, drive revenue and reduce costs.

Quick start guides help customers install services themselves

Virgin Media's self-installation option offers their customers many benefits, but only if they understand what to do at each step of the process.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Early Years survey

To inspire a broad audience, campaign materials must clearly communicate the positive impact of taking part.

Orange’s Neva range

Packaging and marketing designs for a brand new range of devices.

Thales Accelerate Partner Network

User research insights can inform a brand identity. Introducing Thales’ new combined channel partner programme.

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