Thales Data Threat Report 2021

For Thales's annual Data Threat Report for 2021, we supported the technology organisation with campaign visuals, asset roll out and implementation.

From aerospace, space, defense to security & transportation, Thales creates ground-breaking high technology products and services that support our fast-moving, unpredictable world. Make it Clear (MiC) has been working in partnership with the Thales cybersecurity division for more than10 years, supporting campaign planning and roll-out, asset creation and marketing.

The challenge

Each year Thales produces an industry-leading report on the most pressing data security trends and issues around the world. As more data and infrastructure move to the cloud and as more employees work remotely in the wake of the pandemic, this year’s report focused on Data Security in the Era of Accelerated Cloud Transformation and Remote Work. 

Now in our third year as the creative lead on this document, Thales tasked MiC to support branding, asset creation and launch of the 2021 edition of their Data Threat Report (DTR). The developed visual identity had to present results in an array of easy-to-understand forms, whilst taking into account the Global DTR’s core design and adaptations with other regional editions. Thales also wanted to ensure each report represented diversity, reflecting the audiences it serves around the world.  

Visual distinctiveness of the report was necessary for each release while maintaining a consistent concept. The dynamic of this request increased in complexity due to Thales updating and modernising its overall brand image, with this year’s DTR being the first step in the process. 

Our approach

Setting design direction, applying an infographic style, finding relevant imagery, and ensuring consistency were all part of the report visualisation process. It was critical to examine the differentiation of elements such as colours, symbols, quotations, and images according to location, industry, and nation among the ten editions of the reports.

Business impact

The reports are currently being utilised for a variety of purposes, including thought leadership, PR, lead generation, providing a discussion starter with potential clients and cementing Thales’ reputation as the go-to provider for cybersecurity needs. The reports aid in the engagement of audiences as they showcase and enhance sales and marketing operations as the documents can be used as a source of reputable information. 

We look forward to hearing feedback on the new design elements and its success with engaging a fast-moving and ever-changing audience. 

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