Dive into the tools and techniques we use to attract, engage and delight our client's new and existing customers.

The fundamentals of UX audits

A UX audit is a procedure that assesses a digital interface, delivers an in-depth report on potential usability problems and makes recommendations for improvements based on user research and UX heuristics. In this document we cover the fundamentals of UX audits to help you understand what UX audits are, how they can identify opportunities to improve the user experience of a digital product and consequently help grow your business.

The fundamentals of journey mapping

A commonly used method in our tool kit is journey mapping. Journey maps visualise a user's route as they engage with a company, product or service.

The fundamentals of personas

Personas are a powerful tool for supporting decision-making, guiding user-centric outputs and empowering teams with an understanding of their audience. Find out what makes a good persona, how they’re used and how to create your own.