Social impact policy

At Make it Clear, we recognize the significance of our role as a creative force within the community and the wider society. We are committed to using our skills, resources, and influence to make a positive impact on social, environmental, and humanitarian issues. This Social Impact Policy outlines our dedication to contributing to the greater good and fostering positive change.


1. Social responsibility

We understand that we have a responsibility beyond our day-to-day operations. We strive to create a positive social impact by engaging in initiatives that address pressing challenges faced by our community and society as a whole.


2. Collaboration and partnerships

We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with nonprofit organisations, charitable initiatives, and other social impact projects. By working together, we aim to leverage our design expertise to amplify the impact of these organisations and causes.


3. Pro bono work

We commit to dedicating a portion of our time and resources to pro bono projects that align with our social impact goals. These projects will be chosen based on their potential to create meaningful change and improve the lives of individuals and communities.


4. Environmental stewardship

We are dedicated to minimising our environmental footprint. We aim to integrate sustainable practices into our design processes and encourage eco-friendly alternatives in our projects whenever possible.


5. Education and awareness

We believe that education is a powerful tool for change. We commit to raising awareness about social and environmental issues through our work, social media channels, and community outreach.


6. Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion both within our agency and through our projects. We aim to represent diverse perspectives in our creative work and promote inclusivity in all aspects of our operations.


7. Volunteering and community engagement

We encourage our team members to actively participate in volunteering and community engagement initiatives. We support and facilitate their involvement in causes they are passionate about.


8. Measurement and reporting

We will track and measure the impact of our social initiatives to ensure transparency and accountability. Regular reporting will enable us to assess our progress and identify areas for improvement.


9. Continuous improvement

We recognize that our social impact efforts are an ongoing journey. We will continuously seek feedback, evaluate our initiatives, and adapt our approach to create a more meaningful and sustainable impact.


10. Ethical standards

In all our social impact activities, we uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring that our efforts align with our values and contribute positively to society.


By adhering to this Social Impact Policy, we aspire to be a force for positive change, leaving a lasting impact on the communities we serve and the world we share.



Make it Clear

 July 2023