UX workshop

The workshop stage of the UX audit serves to establish a connection between an organisation’s business goals and its target users, their journeys, and the challenges they may encounter. A one-and-a-half-hour workshop is conducted with key stakeholders of the project, either remotely or in-person, to establish the following: 

  • Target users and their journeys
  • Target users’ current challenges
  • Standards such as accessibility and device support
  • Competitors
  • KPIs and metrics

The role of UX workshops in the UX audit process

Workshops that sit within the UX audit serve to ensure that stakeholders are involved and engaged within the UX audit process. These workshops enable our team to understand stakeholders’ goals, objectives and expectations for the UX audit and the user experience of the digital product in general. As a result, we can ensure that the recommendations we provide at the end of the UX audit are aligned with business goals and stakeholder expectations. The insights gained from these workshops simultaneously inform the proto-personas, which are created as an output of the UX Audit. Key information concerning target users that we acquire during the workshops is central to the proto-personas and is supplemented with further detail from other components of the UX audit, such as user observations. 

The collaborative nature of our UX workshops

We believe in a collaborative approach to enhancing the user experience within our UX audits, so our workshops welcome a range of representatives from different departments across an organisation to gather as many perspectives and insights as possible. These workshops foster positive dynamics between our teams, resulting in trust being built, efficient communication and mutual understanding. We conduct our remote UX workshops using Miro, a collaborative note-taking platform that allows all involved in the workshop to make contributions on a communal whiteboard from anywhere in the world. Stakeholders are able to add comments to this board at any point during the UX audit to promote the continuous sharing of ideas and flow of communication between our teams. 

Benefits of engaging in a UX workshop

Raise awareness of existing usability issues

Stakeholder workshops raise awareness of any existing usability issues and areas of improvement, and how these might impact user behaviour, conversion rates and the overall user experience.

Empower your team with aligned understanding

Workshops provide an opportunity for stakeholders to input ideas and share knowledge as well as learn about user-focused deliverables such as proto-personas. Stakeholders are therefore empowered to become advocates for their users within their organisation, and champion user needs with every business or design decision.

Create a collaborative environment

We encourage all stakeholders interested in the project to engage in UX workshops to gather as many insights and ideas as possible to contribute to nuanced and representative proto-personas as well as inform the recommendations that are crafted at the end of the UX audit.

Key takeaways from participating in a UX workshop

Participating in a UX workshop facilitates a collaborative environment between our team and stakeholders that applies a user-centric, aligned approach to the UX audit process in a structured and engaging way.

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