Spamhaus Technology website redesign

A website must be optimised for the user in order to be a successful sales and marketing platform.

The challenge

Spamhaus Technology approached Make it Clear (MiC) to recreate the UX of the existing website; redesigning and reorganising the content to make it more user friendly.

As a commercial website, the user experience (UX) is essential to its success as a platform and as a marketing tool. The content, page structure and functionality needed to be optimised to enable the website to function properly for users. See below for the before and after pictures!

The process

After reviewing the design trends in the industry, we found that many companies opted for a more corporate look and feel which often communicated little to their customers about their brand’s personality. We decided to go against the grain and swap out stock photography for bespoke illustrations as a more effective way of communicating more intangible concepts like ‘User Protection’.

We collaborated on this project with our partner Footprint, who undertook multiple tasks to establish the SEO, keyword mapping and 301 redirect mapping.

Mapping the existing site structure and reviewing the analytics data was the first phase of this project. Following this, a workshop was held to agree on the success metrics and principles of the design, as well as to map the information architecture (IA) of the site. After mapping the user journey and functionality, MiC visualised that journey and finalised the intended IA for the new website, with naming to improve the signposting to content.

The next phase of this project involved creating wireframes of key screens and two conceptual directions for the user interface, creating a vision for the new site. The image below shows a before and after of the website.

The result

Once the conceptual direction had been selected, we supplied the website specification to the development team at our partner agency Bluefuse to build the new website design. Take a look at the finished product here: Spamhaus Technology

The objectives set out at the start of this project included an easily editable CMS, improving the user journey, adding in benefit-led content, implementing Hubspot forms, easy redirection to the Blocklist Removal Centre and ability to include multimedia content. The objectives have all been fulfilled with the exception of the increase of organic traffic. When we can see whether this metric has been achieved, this case study will be updated with the result.

“It has been a pleasure to work on this project with every single one of you.” – Sarah Miller, Spamhaus Technology


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