UI/UX Design

Whether you're rebuilding or designing a product from scratch, our teams work with you to understand your audience and your organisational objectives to achieve exceptional results. We take your product through the full design process, from research and analysis through to prototyping and testing to deliver a set of UI designs and style guides ready for implementation.
Impact: Our product process provides insight at every stage, creating a foundation for excellent product development

Our UI/UX design process

Acquire insight

We begin by listening. We have to learn about your organisation and product before understanding your business objectives, technical requirements and audiences to reach. Our evidence-led approach to all of our projects means that our initial discovery stage is centred around conducting research with your stakeholders and users.

These insights then provide the direction for all of the following design decisions. Your team will be involved at every stage of the process, invited to input, and provided with a presentation of outcomes. 

Develop a foundation

Analysis and recommendations generated from research methods used across the digital design process provide insights and validation of outcomes such as personas, task flows and Information Architecture (IA) designs.

This creates the foundations for wireframing and prototyping which are again shared with users within usability testing sessions and iterated prior to the development of UI designs and style guides. 

We base UI designs on your brand guidelines, if these are not yet developed or ready for a refresh we can complement this work with our digital product branding package to develop a robust brand identity.

Project handoff

We can then work with your team to ensure that there is a seamless handover to developers. Our teams work with cloud-based software which enables us to integrate with your teams and process. Book a call for more information.

Ability to quickly expand your capacity with experienced professionals

User research and personas to guide strategic decision making

Have regular access to a trusted external perspective

UX validated by real insight

Gain a trusted external perspective

UI designs which delight users and a style guide which provides principles for developers



Which digital products is this suitable for?

Our UX/UI design package is suited to a number of digital products such as: websites, web apps, SaaS platforms and internal platforms and websites.

If you’re interested in how we can support app design, please take a look at our App UX/UI package.



What is the difference between UX and UI?

UX looks at the user’s whole experience of the product, from how the product is structured and the navigation journey down to the placement of buttons. UI centres on the visual representation of an interface and its look and feel.



Does this include branding?

Our UX/UI design package does not include branding. We require your teams to provide brand guidelines specific to the digital product.

Strong product branding is essential to engaging and delighting your audiences. If you do not currently have brand guidelines in place, our clients often combine our UX/UI design package with our digital branding package.

Within our digital branding package, we work with your organisation to develop product branding that is effective in resonating with your audience.



What’s included in our UI/UX Design package?

Our UI/UX design package takes your digital product through the digital lifecycle. This begins with our discovery stage where we look to learn more about your organisation, product and audiences by conducting first-hand research. We then use these insights to define the user experience and develop wireframes. Following the creation of a wireframe prototype, we test the screens with real users to iterate and refine. Finally we look at the visual design of your user interface and develop a style guide. This can then be used by your selected development team to implement.



How our UI/UX design can help grow your business

Our UI/UX design package takes your product through the full design process, from research and analysis through to prototyping and testing, to deliver a set of UI designs and style guides ready for implementation.

This means that we create a foundation for excellent product development and enable you to deliver against organisational objectives to achieve exceptional results.