Thales Data Threat Report 2020

A yearly report needs a fresh look to excite the audience, communicate the latest results and clearly visualise the data.

The challenge

Thales asked Make it Clear (MiC) to help with the launch and branding of their Data Threat Report (DTR) for 2020 by creating versatile and dynamic campaign visuals. Thales publish Data Threat Reports every year and each one follows a campaign master creative in order to set marketing consistency.

The visual identity created had to consider the main asset of the Global DTR and the roll-out of the other regional DTRs. All of the deliverables required visual differentiation while retaining a common theme. This new DTR identity would then form the basis of Thales’ other 2020 report series.

The process

We kicked off the project by setting this visual look and defining the implementation of the Global DTR. As part of our creative conceptualisation stage, we created two directions for the visual identity of both this campaign and Thales’ other 2020 reports. Developing the chosen concept with Thales, we set the design direction for the full campaign roll-out. This concept focused on the use of colour to push the brand and clearly identify the report families.

Setting the tone of the master creative for the DTR campaign included designing the template for the global report cover and selecting the imagery for both the report cover and inner pages. This helped to inform the layout of the report and the creation of the key assets which supported each DTR launch. These included the creation of a graphical executive summary design, infographic content capitalising on key global statistics, email newsletter (eDM) content and a website landing page template.

Our work for the 90 second Global DTR ‘Hero video’ involved the creation of a script that highlighted the key statistics, designing a storyboard and animation which visualised the data in a clear and exciting way.

The result

The creative tone and visual identity of the DTR 2020 was applied to the designs and deliverables during the campaign roll-out.

Take a look at the Global DTR here:


“For the second year in a row we’ve enjoyed working with Make it Clear on this creative campaign. We’re really happy with the direction that DTR 2020 took and look forward to collaborating again in the future.” – Chad Couser, Director Corporate Marketing, Thales

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