Pass it On

You often need to do something a bit different to get attention for internal initiatives. That’s just what we did with this desk drop for Google.

The challenge

At Google, the Small Medium Business (SMB) teams each take responsibility for a different tier of prospective clients. We were asked to create a campaign to encourage the teams to share opportunities – focussing on referrals, lead qualification and promoting the capabilities of each team to prospects.

The process

Google employees receive a large amount of digital communications from multiple sources every day. With this in mind the idea was built around an analogue aspect to contrast against the highly digital environment at Google.

Taking inspiration from childhood, and a simple way of communicating, we devised a campaign centred around tin phones entitled ‘Pass it On’. The intention was to create a little bit of joy in the recipient’s day and encourage them to communicate with those around them. The campaign materials included a string phone set and accompanying leaflet to explain that passing on a lead can be rewarding, along with supporting collateral such as stickers and posters to further promote the campaign.

The result

We delivered an engaging internal campaign that resonated with the target audience and garnered interest from the wider Google team, including being commended by the creative excellence team. The campaign launched across 19 countries in EMEA, resulting in dozens of leads shared in the first 6 months.

Gold Winner at the 2016 London Design Awards

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