Thales Data Discovery and Classification promotional video

Governments and the world’s most prestigious organisations rely on Thales Cloud Protection and Licensing (CPL) for data protection and security. Make it Clear (MiC) has been working with Thales CPL for over seven years, providing campaign and marketing support for a number of projects.


The challenge

Thales Data Discovery and Classification (DDC) is a new product offering that is part of the CipherTrust series and helps organisations gain full visibility of their sensitive data. Thales asked MiC to produce an animated video promoting the new automated capabilities of the data discovery and classification (DDC) solution.


Our approach

The foundation of any effective video is a definitive script, they’re an organising and structuring tool that gives reference and a guide to everyone involved in the production. Working closely with the Thales CPL team, we developed a clear script that ensured the video was concise and to the point.  

Next, a storyboard was developed with the visual direction and selected keyframes based on the previous DDC promotional video visual style. Storyboards provide a means to plan the video’s narrative and also a powerful tool to visually present information and creative ideas. From several rounds of storyboard iterations, we defined the creative direction. The visual style combined elements of DDC’s current video and elements from the most recent work we developed for Thale’s, the CipherTrust Enterprise Key Management visual identity


With the approval of visual components, we began constructing the animatic. The video was fully animated, this required our creative team to assemble a wide variety of visual elements which engaged the user as well as communicated the product’s key benefits. The core concept visualised and brought to life the new future “IR” (Intelligent Remediation) as a “smart eye” that discovers and classifies sensitive data out of a complex system.

Business impact

As of May 2022, Thales has recently launched the DDC video in their social channels – we look forward to hearing the results of the awareness campaign. 


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