Launching Thales’ next generation data security platform

Thales Cloud Protection and Licensing (CPL) is relied upon by governments and the world’s most respected organisations for data protection and security. Make it Clear (MiC) have been working alongside Thales CPL for over 4 years, to support a variety of projects with our Campaign and Marketing capabilities.

The challenge

Thales approached Make it Clear to support the launch of their new offer, the CipherTrust Data Security Platform. The campaign needed to excite and encourage potential clients, communicating its features as a next generation platform.  

The process

After defining the campaign objectives alongside Thales, we first explored a number of messaging routes based on the aligned goals. As a technical product, the campaign would involve a wide variety of assets with messaging that needed to not only excite but inform a target audience of both existing and new Thales customers. The final messaging communicated the new capabilities of CipherTrust to build credibility as well as encourage transition or uptake of the platform.


In order to set the creative direction for the campaign we looked at the different elements that made the data security platform unique, and how we could translate those into visual concepts that clearly communicated the values and benefits of the platform.


After sharing a number of different creative directions to emphasise various aspects of the platform, we worked together with Thales to refine the winning concept. This focused on the key pillars of the campaign (Discover, Protect, Control) visually represented in alignment with Thales’ brand toolkit. The design was also supported with the use of an ‘infinity loop’ to symbolise the integration of the two pre-existing platforms, as well as connotations of protecting data throughout its lifecycle by using the new platform. 


We then rolled out the visual identity across a suite of assets which included: Product introduction video, Infographic, Whitepaper, Banner adverts, Homepage hero banner, Social media graphics and eDMs.

Business Impact

The campaign supported Thales CPL to grow awareness of the new product and generate engagement with new and existing customers to transition or implement use of CipherTrust.

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