Agilisys Cloud managed service sales support

In-depth research to guide a more effective sales and marketing strategy and process.

Agilisys works with healthcare, local government and public sector organisations to realise the potential of technology, transforming the way services are delivered and improving lives across the country.

The challenge

Organisations are typically at different stages of their digital transformation. Agilisys wanted to target those looking to improve their cloud managed services. Having had success with large, consultative tenders, Agilisys wanted to distill their expertise and learnings into a more streamlined and scalable offering that would empower the sales team. 

Our approach

We began by creating a set of customer personas and journey maps to support the sales process. These outputs were informed by desk research, customer interviews, competitor analysis and workshops with internal teams.  

The overarching campaign messaging framework was then constructed based on the personas and journey maps. The framework included example messaging, highlighting known pain points matched to the benefits Agilisys provides. 

In-house sales and marketing teams at Agilisys used the personas, journey maps and messaging framework to build sales and marketing campaigns and collateral in-line with their existing brand guidelines.

Business impact 

As of June 2021, Agilisys is testing their new sales and marketing process. We look forward to catching up with the team to discuss results and explore options for refining the approach.

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