Movewise positioning and web design

Helping a new property sales solution make its mark

Bringing together leading skills from software technology, estate agency and asset management, Movewise provides independent expert advice for every property seller.  Their mission is to provide consumers with the best possible sales experience and to maximise the value of each property transaction.

The challenge

A new solution in an industry where customers have little understanding of how an estate agency works and therefore why their service is not simply an extra layer of fees, Movewise were struggling to communicate their benefits succinctly. 


In addition, to level up their B2B audiences, a revamped messaging and position was put in place to target new audiences. Movewise identified their brand and digital presence needed to effectively support this drive. They approached Make it Clear to provide new brand messaging, a brand creative refresh, website design and style guide.

Our approach

We begin all projects with a research-led approach. To kick-off, we first conducted a competitor review to assess the current communication, brand and engagement capabilities of competitors. Following this, we worked closely with key stakeholders to uncover information and knowledge internally, as well as conducted research interviews to gather feedback and insight related to Movewise’s audience and messaging. 


Guided by the findings of the research and overarching project aims, we devised a positioning statement, tagline and benefit-led messaging framework including messages targeting the different audience types.


We next set upon refining the existing brand to complement the new messaging and B2B audiences, creating a set of new brand guidelines which included a reenergized logo, icons and supporting graphic elements, colour palette as well as a new image and photography style. With the improved creative implemented, UI direction and complementary style guides were developed, bringing the site to life. This included font and image selection, styling and image choice, guided by the refined branding. 

Business impact

After a soft website-only launch, the updated creative direction was implemented to the existing website in January 2022 and planned to be iterated during several stages until being completely launched. Initial feedback has been very positive and we look forward to meeting with the team to review the project’s effectiveness and results.

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