Marketing campaign strategies

An informed strategy is essential for a successful campaign. At Make it Clear we have a long history of supporting global organisations with definition, messaging and creative concepts for their marketing campaigns.

At Make it Clear we have a long history of supporting global organisations with their marketing campaigns.

Over the years we have worked to perfect the process outlined below, which is grouped into three stages.



Collaborative work to establish the parameters, objectives, success criteria and top level messaging for the campaign.

  • Kick-off meeting: an initial kick off call will be held to establish success metrics, reporting lines, milestones and project schedules.
  • Identify target audience: the target persona should be identified at this stage. It should be identified if any further research may be required.
  • Map customer journeys: a journey map is a visualisation of the route customers take as they engage with a company, product, service or brand. This includes touch points, channels, activities, potential risks and opportunities.
  • Create messaging framework: underpinned by value proposition and key benefits, that represents the top level messaging to be used across all campaign materials.



Based on the agreed criteria from the definition stage, we then expand upon the messaging and develop visual concepts for review and iteration until a creative direction is agreed.

  • Costings and further definition: at the start of phase two the identified assets that were mapped against the touch points will be scoped. Defining the activities in this way ensures that only relevant assets are produced. Further briefing documentation will be created to ensure alignment of the chosen assets with the overall campaign objectives. Each identified asset will be assigned success criteria. These criteria will be reviewed following the campaign deployment and used as a benchmark to review the activity.
  • Creative concepts developed: the agreed top level messaging will be expanded upon and creative visualisations will be pulled together. Three creative directions will be explored and each concept should show how this would be applied to a few of the chosen assets. For example, that could be some video frame stills, a data sheet or press advert.
  • Creative iteration and sign off: the concepts will be iterated upon with the project team before being presented to the stakeholders for sign off.



In stage one, creative assets will have been identified. In stage two, the visual identity and direction for these assets will have been agreed. Stage three covers the creation of these assets.


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