Research and strategy

We help our clients define challenges and understand their audiences, ensuring projects have a clear purpose and set of measurable objectives.

Our research and strategy services underpin everything we do. We undertake research to uncover insights from a variety of sources using both primary and secondary methodologies such as interviews, surveys, data analysis and user testing. These are then used to define a strategy that addresses the challenge at hand.

From mapping customer journeys to creating clear messaging structures, we use both primary and secondary research methods to support our work and our clients. This approach produces outcomes that are aligned with our client’s business objectives and the needs of their target audience.

Our strategy team are responsible for conducting the research in whatever form it takes and delivering projects to support wider business and marketing strategies, such as brand positioning or user guides.

Make It Clear don’t have an agenda, or preferred outcome, they do something that is rare: They listen and then they ask questions and then they advise, design and implement, based on what has been discussed. We have worked with Make It Clear across several projects recently and their research and interview capabilities are very strong. Their open-minded approach ensures that a true representation of each individual’s feedback is captured, and reporting is clear and meaningful. Their ability to understand details that are unfamiliar and technical is impressive, as is their drive to deliver reports on time and within budget.

Sarah Miller, Spamhaus

Associated capabilities

Research and strategy

Purpose-led investigations into materials, competitors, markets, user experiences and functionality; our research tasks help our clients to uncover what they need to know.

Research and strategy

Messaging relates to the way in which organisations present information to their audiences. It must be clear and engaging, provide a clear reason to act and offer a route of action to the recipients.

Research and strategy

Brand positioning and clarification is often a review of an existing brand; refreshing the direction and clarifying the purpose or values. However, this is also something that needs to be factored into a new brand.