UI/UX App design

Make it Clear has supported mobile UX for over 20 years. Our teams will work with your organisation to understand your audience and your organisational objectives to achieve exceptional results. User research and analysis comes first, followed by prototyping and usability testing. The final stage is creating UI designs and a style guide.
Impact: Our app design process provides insight at every stage, creating a foundation for an excellent product

Our UI/UX app design process

Acquire insight

Our initial discovery phase aims to find out more about your organisation, product and users through a mix of research methods. Based on real insights, we then create a number of outputs to support delivering a best-in-class experience including: personas, user flows and Information Architecture (IA) mapping

Develop a foundation

Our experienced team has a strong understanding of accessibility, mobile and responsive design principles. These provide the foundations to create wireframes and an interactive prototype. Ensuring designs meet user needs is integral to creating a best-in-class solution.

Feedback, iterate and delivery

We conduct usability testing to gain insights with real users before delivering UI designs and a product style guide. 

Benefits of our UI/UX App Design Services

Our team is well-versed in creating apps that delight their users. Through our tried and tested approach, we work with your teams to design apps that effectively meet both user and business needs. By first listening to your teams and users we ensure we are designing the right thing. Then our methodological approach means we design your app right. Book a call for more information.

Ability to quickly expand your capacity with experienced professionals

Interface design guided and validated by real user insights

Have regular access to a trusted external perspective

App designs which engage and delight users

Gain a trusted external perspective

Style guide that supports developers



How important is UI/UX for an app?

The user interface of any digital product can have a critical impact on the adoption and retention of users. Creating a user experience that effectively supports users in completing core tasks and generating delightful interactions is required to meet user expectations.



How does this differ from the UI/UX design package?

The app UI/UX package is tailored specifically to app design. App design requires consideration and implementation of mobile and responsive design principles.



What is the difference between web design and app design?

For mobile app design, principles differ to that of web design. As mentioned above, app design must consider mobile and responsive design principles.

This also means greater focus on interaction design as well as: considerations of screen-size, differences in the types of content that should be included and user goals when using an app vs a website.



Why is UX necessary if you can just design UI?

UX stands for user experience and includes how the user interacts with your product. This means ensuring your product meets user needs to support their product usage.

UI, on the other hand, stands for User Interface and considers the look and feel of the product. The UI plays a vital role in attracting and engaging users. Both should work together to provide an optimal solution.