Digital marketing

Often produced as part of a go-to-market or marketing strategy, we have extensive experience creating marketing assets including: social content, banner ads, motion graphics, landing pages and infographics

At Make it Clear we support the design and production of a wide range of digital marketing assets.

We ensure that our teams are always fully trained and aware of production and optimisation techniques.

Examples of the types of assets we support are listed below, these are often created as part of a marketing or go-to-market strategy


Long-form content

Blog, thought leadership or how-to content are used to demonstrate credibility in a chosen area and drive traffic to your website.


Motion graphics

Visually communicating a message with motion graphics, animation or live footage. Read more about our approach to this work here.


Banner adverts

Advertisements displayed on a web page. Used to create awareness and drive tracked click-through to another web page.



Visually communicating information or data, often in a story format. Used to represent complex information in a visually engaging way. In some instances this may be gated.


Social adverts

Advertisements displayed on a social media channel (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram). Used to create brand awareness and drive tracked click-through to a web page.


Social content

Content published in your brand profile on a social media channel (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram). Used to grow social audiences and engage existing audiences with thought leadership, shareable content and news updates.


Email signatures

A block of text and/or image that is appended to the end of an email. Used in addition to providing the recipient with useful contact details, it can also raise awareness and drive click-through to a web page via a text link or banner.


Data sheets

A document providing the technical specification and performance characteristics for a particular product. Used to help customers choose the product and/or help them use the product.


Campaign landing page or microsite

A page or microsite where campaign information, messaging and assets can be delivered to prospects. It can sit outside the main structure of your company website, have analytics enabled and be taken down following the end of the campaign if preferred. Used to drive all prospects towards a clear, single point with a view to nurturing and converting them.


Can we help you create your digital marketing assets?

Make it Clear has extensive experience in creating digital marketing assets, why not book a free 30 minute Clarity Consultation with our team and we can help you achieve your goals.

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