Campaign and marketing

We support global organisations with their ongoing marketing activities, from campaign planning to producing content and digital marketing assets.

Helping our clients plan and execute marketing campaigns is a key part of our business. This includes asset design, event coordination, digital marketing, video production, direct mails, email marketing, and print production.

Setting the objectives for a campaign and identifying the audience is almost always our first port of call. Common objectives for marketing and campaigns are increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to the website and building excitement for in-person events.

Marketing campaigns are often intended to generate and capture new sales leads. We support this work by extending our design experience to multiple touch-points including event invitations (if relevant), personalised landing pages, social media, videos, printed collateral and branded marketing assets.

MiC take our ideas to another level and making our communications more impactful – we send a brief with a basic idea but then in cases (where it’s called for), MiC comes back with a creative idea that not only that crystallises the message (i.e. design) but also the form of delivery. Every big piece we’ve worked on, it feels like another “world” has been created that creates a metaphor for our message. I love this and think it really boils down the heart of what we’re trying to say.

Mike Giannotti, Business Marketing Strategist, Google

Associated capabilities

Campaign and marketing

A brand identity is the combination of a brand’s visual identity, tone of voice and messaging.

Campaign and marketing

A campaign roll-out is the plan for timings of a campaign, including the implementation of the identified assets.   

Campaign and marketing

User guides are a succinct set of instructions that are optimised to help the user with the action they need to complete.