Linx website redesign

A user-oriented website is essential for businesses looking to stay relevant in competitive markets.

The challenge

Websites are a vital part of a company’s online marketing presence. The existing Linx website was performing less effectively over time and no longer achieving their objectives.

Many of Linx’s customers are on the go and quite often on the production floor. Linx wanted their website to be a valuable resource for their customers, on any device, in any location.

The challenge was to redesign the website in a way that streamlined the customer experience and made the site work harder in generating leads for the sales team.

The process

The website serves two main users: customers and Linx partners. We reviewed its performance from their perspectives, conducting research into usage analytics and interviewed stakeholders. Our research explored key issues in the existing design and informed the vision for the future of the site, considering consumer experience and core objectives.

The results

The new website design delivered a fresh look for Linx Printing Technologies; a fully responsive site and information architecture designed to help users find relevant information quickly and easily.

Year-on-year results show web opportunities increased by 12.5% and form completions by 30%. The bounce rate (the number of visitors who leave after viewing only one page) decreased by 21%, showing increased engagement. The percentage of visitors using the website on mobile devices almost doubled and web revenue increased by 9%.

“Working with MiC was great, the team were very thorough with their analysis and every design sent across had reasoning behind why it had been done that way. Feedback internally and externally has been really great and the new design has definitely exceeded the original expectations of the site.”

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