Why marketers should care about user experience (UX)

Digital Marketer

Today’s consumers are clever, savvy and short on time, so they expect their demands to be met in an instant. These demands are now solely accessed through the internet on digital platforms.


Whether it’s to search, evaluate or make purchases, these online functions share one thing in common: the quality of a user’s online experience has a major influence on their effectiveness. UX has now become a key battleground for modern businesses as it’s crucial for success. Forrester report stated, smart UX design can result in a 400% boost to a site’s conversion rate.


Marketing and UX

Why should a marketer care about a user’s experience? Marketing and UX are two separate entities after all. 


When broken down, digital marketing opens the door, UX then seals the deal. To further unpack this concept, we’ve listed four reasons why UX is so important within the world of marketing: 


1. Positive UX drives customer satisfaction

“Simply improving customer journeys has the potential to increase customer satisfaction by 20% but also to lift revenue by up to 15% while lowering the cost of serving customers by as much as 20%.” – McKinsey


UX is an unavoidable component when developing customer relationships as it affects every interaction that customers have with a company. Creating a great user experience will increase consumer satisfaction and can encourage repeat business. 


2. Good UX enhances SEO

Excellent UX helps potential customers find your company’s website on search engines. Google cares more about a website’s UX than you would think. The smaller the bounce rate, the more Google believes a website is full of useful material that meets the customer’s search requirements.


3. Good UX boosts conversions

Creating a great marketing campaign can ultimately be ruined as potential customers fail to convert due to poor UX. A recent report by Deloitte stated a positive user experience encounter can increase customer spending by up to 140%.


A McKinsey & Company report also stated the return on investment (ROI) in UX and user-centric design is one of the highest rates of return a company can realise in a business investment.


4. Optimise for mobile

Potential customers are served paid marketing ads and content across a variety of social and digital platforms, largely on mobile devices. However, there remains a gap between the numbers who browse on a mobile and those who are happy to make a purchase. 64% percent of all online retail traffic comes from mobile, and yet conversion rates on mobile are only half that of desktop.


To wrap up

Marketers should continuously devote time and effort to improve their organisation’s UX design by regularly updating their UX or development teams with feedback from customers. Proper synchronisation of marketing and UX will increase sales and engagement.


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