Customer journey mapping

Informed by research insights, consumers top-level interactions, behaviours and motivations are mapped to the different journey stages enabling teams to gain a better understanding of the customer experience.

A journey map is a visualisation of the route users take as they engage with a company, product, service or brand.

Journey maps identify the touch-points, channels, activities, emotions, and the risks and opportunities along a time-based journey from the consumer and business perspective.


Our process


Define goals and audience

At this initial stage we work with the client to define the goals of the exercise. As an example, these could include better understanding of the customer, reducing churn or improving customer experience. We then select the audience for the exercise, ideally from a set of existing user personas.


Conduct research

Research techniques are defined by the project requirements. These activities can either be qualitative or quantitative, examples include:

  • User observations
  • Customer interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Website data analysis
  • Social listening data analysis

We report on this research, collecting findings into themes and recommendations that inform the next stages.


Map the journey stages & touch-points

Here we map the top-level interactions, behaviours and motivations to the different stages of the consumer journey. The traditional stages of the journey include: awareness, consideration, purchase, retention and advocacy. This basic structure is then used to define the rest of the journey.



At this final stage, more details are added to bring the journey to life. This typically includes: goals, motivations, activities, concerns, pain points and opportunities. The journey map design will reflect the client’s brand.


Can we help you map your customer journey

Make it Clear has extensive experience in mapping customer journeys, why not book a free 30 minute Clarity Consultation with our team and we can help you to achieve your goals.

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