Digital product accelerator

Are you looking to develop a new digital project? Our team will run our intense product accelerator, mapping your audience and objectives and developing a working prototype that will be tested with actual users providing vital insight before even one line of code is written.
Impact: Running the accelerator will provide you with invaluable insight allowing you to make strategic changes to how you are developing your product in line with what your users want

digital product accelerator team working

Our digital product accelerator process 

We work with you to rapidly develop your concept idea to provide a tangible outcome. The process is both fast and collaborative to get the most value out of the accelerator.

Discovery workshop

A discovery workshop aims to uncover background information from stakeholders. In this instance we look to understand from you what the concept is, what makes it unique and the challenges it should address. This will be conducted as a 1.5 hour workshop and should include all relevant stakeholders.

User research

Conducting user research at this stage enables us to gain direct insight from target audiences. This will guide solution ideation and ensure that the output is built on a foundation of user understanding. Depending on the type of product and/or project this may include activities such as: user observations, interviews, or focus groups.

Solution ideation

Notes from the user research are reviewed and grouped into key themes. This session serves as a reflection on the research activity.

  • Recap of research findings
  • Prioritisation of themes identified
  • Criteria for the prototype identified


Solution ideation is then translated in to wireframes of key screens. These are used to create an interactive prototype which bring the concept to life and support usability testing with users to gather feedback on the concept and product objectives.

Usability testing

Usability testing is a research method used to test assumptions on how users will respond to and interact with digital products and services. This enables us to understand usage, uncover problem areas, pain points and identify opportunities. We suggest conducting 6 remote tests with a user group.

Digital product accelerator


We bring together our findings from across each stage into one report. This will provide a summary of activities conducted and present you with a set of informative insights and actionable recommendations to guide your product. Book a call for more information.

Ability to quickly expand your capacity with experienced professionals

Build confidence in the concept

Have regular access to a trusted external perspective

Make changes based on user feedback before expensive development

Gain a trusted external perspective

A set of outcomes to support concept progress



Which type of digital product is this suitable for?

The digital product accelerator can be used for websites, platforms or apps.



How does this differ from the Digital UI/UX package?

Our digital UI/UX package is a much more in-depth research and design package which looks to take a product into final design before handover to development. In contrast, our digital product accelerator is best for early or new concept ideas which require quick results to validate the idea before investing in the end-to-end process.



What will I receive?

A prototype of the elemental screens to help convey the product idea and testing outcomes to support confidence in selecting a direction for the product. 



How will our collaboration work?

We provide the opportunity to be involved at each step of the process. Initially, this will be through a discovery workshop to understand from you the foundations of the idea and existing information.

We will then conduct a design workshop, working together to shape and conceptualise the product. Once we have created initial wireframes, you will be invited to review these, and following the completion of usability testing sessions, we will present back the key findings.