Internet of Things (IoT) labelling online study

We helped the UK Government understand the prominence of labelling on product packaging and product websites.

Head of Strategy

This report was produced on behalf of the UK Government’s Department of Culture, Digital and Sport (DCMS). We were commissioned by DCMS to examine the prominence of labeling on product packaging and product websites. Further details on the overarching project can be found on the DCMS website.

The report outlines the findings of a study on the online use of product labeling schemes for internet-enabled products. The report is an extension of a physical packaging labeling report conducted by Make it Clear for DCMS as part of the UK Government Consumer IoT labeling scheme project.

All of the products reviewed are internet-enabled devices within the following six product categories: Health and fitness; Domestic appliances; Entertainment; Toys and devices for children; Smart Home; Hubs, storage and voice assistants.

Each of the products was reviewed across four retailer websites and the manufacturer website and the research looked to find reference to external labeling, both visual and/or within the text descriptions.


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