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Best practices for reading online - report

The act of reading has evolved considerably throughout human evolution, The Canadian novelist and essayist Alberto Manguel describes a significant shift in the 10th century A.D with the idea of silent reading. Before this point, the normal behaviour was to read aloud, this change in behaviour has allowed the reader’s brain time to think and reflect.

The switch from paper to online reading has the potential to dwarf other changes in reading behaviour. There are a number of considerations presented by this shift in cognitive behaviour. Our insight report, ‘Best practices for reading online’, is a must read for anyone interested in delivering engaging and accessible online reading experiences. In the report we cover, the science of reading online, best practices for visual design and some best-in-class examples.

Our insights and recommendations are informed by research conducted with academic researchers and students and our experience working with clients such as Cambridge University Press, Medallia and Spamhaus.

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