Work-Life Balance

Renee Rinaldi

Office Manager

15 May 2023

Supporting employees in the somewhat elusive quest for work-life balance is something Make it Clear takes very seriously. 

As individuals, we can all appreciate the myriad of things we all balance within a day – work, family, households, appointments, and the list goes on (and on!). It is no surprise that having an employer that understands and supports these needs can make a significant difference in employee engagement, commitment and well-being. 

Perhaps not so obvious, commitment to employee work-life balance also benefits the company through decreased absences, boosted morale, increased employee retention and the creation of flexible mindsets that help navigate the changing requirements of clients.

Make it Clear’s Managing Director, Sarah Edwards, is committed to creating an environment that supports employee well-being and balance.


How we support work-life balance:

  • Anonymous surveys and weekly face-to-face check-ins

Recognising that balance can mean different things to different people, Make it Clear engages with employees via anonymous surveys and weekly face-to-face check-ins in order to provide a safe place to voice concerns and ideas. These conversations can cover all areas, from equipment needs to workload and relationships.


  • Hybrid working environment

Employees at Make it Clear enjoy a hybrid working environment and periods of remote working that help to balance commitments in other areas of their lives. Coupled with the flexibility to schedule their hours to accommodate one-off appointments or to allocate focus hours, employees are empowered to manage their time and workload.


  • Casual and structured team events 

Casual and more structured team events are also part of the culture at Make it Clear. Whether it is the daily scrum call, the Team Day Out, the All Hands Quarterly meeting or an ad hoc celebration of a life event, employees gather to share goals, ideas, experiences and laughter.  Quarterly Peer awards and Team awards encourage employees to recognise and celebrate each other. 


  • Individual training budget and business coaching

All employees have access to a training budget used to work towards personal and skill development goals. Further specialised training is often provided that results in Internal Champions and Accreditation. In addition to the more traditional training platforms, employees meet regularly with a professional business coach to help guide and develop them in their professional journey.


  • Additional benefits include:
  1. Pension contributions
  2. Access to a discount platform
  3. Birthdays off
  4. Recruitment incentives


This commitment to work-life balance is documented in company policies but is even more apparent from the example of MiC leaders and their support.