Winning Gold in the London design awards

Luke Baker

Digital Marketer

10 November 2022

The team is excited to announce we have won Gold in the 2022 London Design Awards (Digital – Business Platforms category) for our Reputation Portal UX/UI design project with Spamhaus


The category

Entering into the Digital – Business platforms category, we had to provide evidence that a digital product had enabled an organisation to succeed in achieving outcomes for a newly identified objective. The platform had to be compelling, flexible and scalable in order to provide greater business agility and productivity.


The client

Since 2019, we’ve worked with Spamhaus Technology to provide UX/UI design as well as Campaign and Marketing support. Spamhaus provides best-in-class IP and domain reputation datasets. These datasets protect global email systems and networks, as well as enable users to investigate incidents quicker.


The project

Approaching us in Q3 2021, Spamhaus was looking to establish the UX/UI for their new offering, ‘Reputation Portal’. This would be a free service to owners of IPs and domains. The vast majority of IP addresses are arranged into four sets of digits – e.g. A domain name is the information that you enter into a web browser in order to reach a specific website. Cybercriminals illegally gain ownership or create fraudulent IP addresses and domain names to commit crimes or steal data, information and finances.

By registering their assets to the Reputation Portal, owners of IPs and domains can gain visibility to what IP addresses are listed in the Spamhaus blocklists/datasets, the information on why the listing has occurred, and how to resolve the issue and request the removal. For context, an IP or domain can be added to the Spamhaus blocklists/datasets through malicious activity such as spam messages, malware and malicious URLs. This proactive approach removes the pain of IP and domain owners learning about listings second-hand from their customers. Those who have properties registered in this portal will see open tickets relating to their properties and raise new tickets without having to go through the verification process.


Thank you

We’re overwhelmed that Make it Clear has won this award. We have a fantastic team who have helped develop Make it Clear for many years, it’s amazing to see industry experts and peers also appreciate what they do. 


Check out more of our work with Spamhaus, dive into how we created an intuitive user experience for their ‘Blocklist Tester‘ tool here.


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