What is service design and how can it help your business?


Service Design is an evolving discipline that is now widely adopted by digital agencies. The business and client world is picking up pace, realising its positive effects.


So what’s it all about and how can it help my business? So for those not in the know, let’s start with how we define service design at Make it Clear:   

“Our approach to service design focuses on ensuring the service provides an excellent experience for those involved whilst being effective and efficient from an organisational perspective. We’re confident that service design principles can improve even the smallest interaction between an organisation and its audiences.”Megan Cattley, Strategist, Make it Clear.


Still unsure? To get you quickly up to speed, we’ve created a guide to help you understand this offering. In this guide we cover:

  • What is service design?
  • Who should care about service design?
  • Benefits of service design
  • Service design principles
  • Service design in practice


Download the guide.


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