Make it Clear award 2022

Digital Marketer

In 2022, we launched an initiative to recognise a team member who embodies a selected MiC value.

This person is chosen by their peers and represents the best of our team’s values. They take great pride in their work and always strive to maintain a positive impact on the world around them. This individual is someone who consistently demonstrates an unwavering commitment to excellence, both in their personal and professional life, and is a true embodiment of the values that we hold dear as an organization. Celebrating this team member helps to reinforce our shared values and strengthens the bonds within our team.


The winner for 2022 was our Senior Designer, Ciro. We had a conversation with Ciro to understand the driving forces behind him.


Make it Clear award 2022 : winner for 2022 was our Senior Designer

1. Sum up your 2022 in one sentence

It’s been a whirlwind year of growing, fantastic adventures, elbow grease and of course, heaps of fun!


Make it Clear awards 2022

2. What has been the most challenging project of 2022?

I’d call this my most ambitious project yet – Thales DPC Visual Implementation. I had to dig deep to comprehend all the technical details and the problem that the company had to solve. But it was worth it – I could really flex my creative muscles, from both the artistic and technical sides!


The winner of our 2022 Make it Clear company is Senior Designer, Ciro

3. How do you approach a normal day?

I’m an early-riser, so I’m usually up before the sun! I make sure to start my day with a little meditation, followed by a morning jog, and then I eat a big breakfast. Then, I wrap up with a nice, long shower to make sure I’m ready to tackle the day! An early start helps to make sure I’m in the right head space and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.


The winner of the 2022 Make it Clear company award is Senior Designer, Ciro.

4. What inspires you to be who you are every day?

I’m a real people-person and the amazing MiC squad gives me an extra spark of energy to take on any challenge with an “I’m all in!” attitude. It’s an awesome journey day after day!


The winner of our 2022 Make it award - Ciro

5. What are you looking forward to in 2023?

I’m pumped to take my career to the next level and keep soaring higher with the amazing team at MiC! Working on amazing projects together and having tons of laughs is the best way to grow professionally and personally. Here’s to more success and good times ahead!


The winner of our 2022 Make it Clear company award is Senior Designer, Ciro.

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