How to increase LinkedIn followers

Luke Baker

Digital Marketer

25 November 2021

The business world is more interconnected than ever before, and LinkedIn is a significant contributor to this trend. LinkedIn has developed into more than a job-search portal; it is now the world’s largest professional network and a go-to location for B2B marketing.


Your LinkedIn page serves as your company’s hub within the online community, providing a space for you to share, connect, and grow. It’s a useful tool for increasing awareness, authority and trust. Here are ten organic and paid methods you can use to attract more LinkedIn page followers.



How can employee engagement support page growth? 

Employees are one of the most valuable assets when it comes to increasing your company’s LinkedIn page presence. To begin, all employees should maintain their personal accounts are up to date, with your company included as a current employer (it will automatically link to your LinkedIn page).

 The next step is to implement this four-stage blueprint:

  • Re-share employees’ best LinkedIn content and mentions.
  • Inform employees of high-level posts to boost organic reach (minimum 1 post p/d).
  • Personalise by showcasing team moments or employees with a shout-out from the page.
  • Request select employees to invite their network to the page manually. They can invite up to 100 per day.


What motivates users to follow company pages? 

LinkedIn has become the social networking hub for B2B information. Users are therefore attracted to pages that offer relevant, practical knowledge. 

 Another motivating factor is transparency. Providing an insight into current affairs, as well as the people who conduct your work provides a human element that users can emotionally engage with. 



Create employee-generated content

Employee-generated content is any form of content that is created by the company’s employees.

Content that is generated by employees can be anything from videos, images or blog posts, which may feature the company’s mission, values, and overall benefits of your product or services.


Share unique videos and visual content

Make sure that the content mix includes a lot of eye-catching visuals. Unique images, particularly videos, tend to stand out more on feeds, increasing page visibility. 


Consistency is key

Posting on a frequent basis is equally as vital as posting high-quality content. According to LinkedIn, pages which publish at least once a week receive a 2x increase in interaction. The more individuals who interact with posts, the greater exposure they will receive because they will appear in more member feeds.

It’s vital to publish at least once per day on company pages. This will broaden the reach and put the page in front of a larger number of individuals. This may necessitate the discovery and creation of a large amount of content.


Develop a brand personality 

B2B companies often make the mistake of being boring. Since you’re targeting professionals and not the average consumer, you may feel that personality and style are inconsequential. However, sharing bland, dry content on social media isn’t an effective way to get anyone’s attention, whether they’re a college student or a high-powered executive.


Join topical conversations with hashtags

To reach new, relevant communities with content, include three to five relevant hashtags in posts.


Encourage senior and prominent leaders to tag the Page

The most high-profile people in your company serve as critical voices, and they frequently have extensive professional networks. It helps to boost traffic and followers when they regularly mention and link to the company’s LinkedIn page.


Activate employee engagement

Employees who interact with page content through reactions or comments help expose that content to a larger audience (oftentimes outside immediate following). 


Share job postings

LinkedIn is a popular place to look for work. Leveraging the page for both talent acquisition and marketing might expose it to new audiences. Applicants will engage with the page to increase their visibility of the company.



Boost high priority items of content 

When using the LinkedIn advertising platform there are a variety of campaign goals such as awareness, consideration, and conversions. For obtaining more eyes on high-level pieces of content choose ‘engagement’ as this will:

  • Increase social engagement on content
  • Increase followers on the company page  


Launch a Follower Ad campaign

Use the Follower Ad format to run a Dynamic Ad campaign. This strategy can be utilised to obtain highly relevant followers by making use of LinkedIn’s excellent targeting features.


In conclusion

There are a variety of methods for increasing LinkedIn company page followers. Once a good social media strategy is built around creating great content and consistent posting, these 12 techniques will assist in growing your page’s following and, as a result, generate more leads and sales for your company.


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