How to create journey maps

Rick Harrison

Head of Strategy

01 November 2021

A journey map is a visualisation of the route users or customers take as they engage with a company, product, service or brand. Journey maps provide a clear picture of the end-to-end experience. Identifying the touch-points, channels, activities, emotions, pain points and opportunities along a time-based journey from the user perspective. 


How are journey maps used?

Used alongside personas, journey maps should be used to identify pain points in the current experience, direct ideation on opportunities and support decision making.


The process for creating journey maps  

The process of developing a journey map reflects the following five stages:


  1. Define the goals of the exercise. Some common objectives are to gain a  better understanding of the customer, reducechurn or improve customer experience. We then select the audience for the exercise, ideally from a set of existing user personas.
  2. Conduct research. This is defined by the project requirements and can either be qualitative or quantitative, including methods such as: user observations, customer interviews, focus groups, website data analysis and social listening. You may also be able to use existing data gathered from persona research.
  3. Map the data. We begin with defining the journey stages, the traditional stages include: awareness, consideration, purchase, retention and advocacy. Following this, we analyse the data to find trends and themes across top-level interactions, behaviours and motivations which are mapped out into the different stages of the journey. This basic structure is then used to define the rest of the journey.
  4. Visualise the journey map. More details are then added to bring the journey to life. This typically includes: goals and motivations, activities, pain points and opportunities. The journey map should then be visualised to be engaging and easy to follow, and aligned with the organisation’s brand. 


Journey map top tip

Including high-level persona information on a journey map not only helps to bring the journey to life but also acts as a helpful reminder of who is completing the journey when reviewing and using the tool.


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