DIY UX maturity checklist

Esmee Lewis

Junior Researcher

11 May 2023

Our UX maturity checklist comprises several key indicators that suggest an organisation has implemented user-centric design and processes to a high extent. 


Completing the checklist might give your company a clearer idea of the potential pain points and challenges your users might face with your digital product. Only by gaining an understanding and self-awareness of your UX maturity can you enhance and sustain the quality of your UX work and, ultimately, the experiences you design for your users. The elements within the checklist condense the questions within our UX maturity survey, which is the first step in our UX audit.  


The following checklist takes into account the UX goals that your organisation might have, the level of understanding of UX within your organisation, UX-related activities that might be carried out, and considerations surrounding branding.  


☐ The organisation has both long-term and short-term UX goals in place

☐ There is a high level of understanding of UX across the organisation

☐ There is a high level of understanding and support of UX across the leadership team

☐ Users usually have a positive experience when using the digital product

☐ In-depth research for the digital product has been conducted with users over the past year

☐ There is an up-to-date set of personas which accurately reflect our audience

☐ The last substantial update to our digital product was made less than 6 months ago

☐ We have a clearly defined, regularly reviewed UX strategy in place with goals, a vision and a plan

☐ The brand DNA is accurately reflected in the visual language on our digital platforms

☐ The organisation’s key values and messages are consistently communicated across digital and physical touchpoints


As aforementioned, the checklist is a condensed version of our UX maturity survey, which is conducted at the beginning of our UX audit and provides businesses with a score to reflect their UX maturity according to the above indicators (e.g. UX-related goals, user sentiment, and UX strategy implementation). The UX maturity survey supports the rest of the UX audit, which follows as we evaluate the product from a user’s perspective with an understanding of your business’ tailored needs in mind. This evaluation will then inform a number of actionable recommendations to support the future of your digital product. Our UX audit not only provides recommendations that aim to achieve the statements included in the checklist above but ensures that they are tailored to address the unique needs and objectives of your business. 


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