8 content ideas to refresh your marketing mix

Luke Baker

Digital Marketer

04 November 2021

Digital marketing (when done well) can get the most bang for your buck. However, with more material and content than we know what to do with, you have to be creative to halt the scroll.

We’ve compiled a list of eight ideas to incorporate into your marketing mix to keep your outbound content fresh and help it stand out from your competitors. 


1. Webinars

Webinars appear to be everywhere these days, thanks to the pandemic, and they look like they’re here to stay. When it comes to educating your audience, webinars are a great tool for showcasing industry expertise and to provide a platform to position yourself as a thought leader. They also provide a means to interact with your audience before, during and after the event. In terms of lead generation, contact details are gathered via requesting signups from prospective attendees. The recording of the session can then be sent after the event to keep in touch with people who may have missed the initial viewing.


2. Parallax infographics

Parallax scrolling technique entails creating the background of an infographic to move at a more gradual rate than the foreground. Infographics have long been one of the most popular and effective content formats. Infographics can be created by repurposing existing material, such as an in-depth blog article, ebook, or report. Parallax infographics display large quantities of complex data in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way.

When a user scrolls, it creates a 3D-like effect providing a feeling of depth and allowing the foreground to stand out. Utilising the parallax method for infographics enables information to be displayed in a way that is highly engaging, in turn, this increases content engagement and encourages users to stay on the page longer. 

Increased engagement can lead to an increased probability of the user providing contact details if the page was gated, or the user clicking to find out more information that the infographic is related to.


3. eBooks

eBooks are a great way for organisations to go deeper into a topic than a blog post would normally do. eBooks share a variety of similarities with white papers, but how are they different? Both are intended to educate readers on a specialised topic, although eBooks are typically less technical and more visually pleasing. When creating an eBook, it’s vital to ensure the material is engaging to a variety of audiences and experience levels. 

Gating is an effective method for eBook distribution and lead generation as it shows potential prospects exhibiting buying behavior as they’ve made a step to share their information.


4. Digital reports

Data that is relevant to both businesses and individuals is presented in digital reports, this means the report can be utilised by a variety of different audiences. They ideally present large quantities of facts and data in an accessible, clear and visual way. Digital reports are traditionally created as PDF documents, but there are several methods to spice them up. Utilising an interactive content production platform that displays numerical data using charts, infographics, and visual aids is extremely effective for increasing engagement.

Gating digital reports behind a contact form allows your sales team to reach out to a prospective client with increased knowledge of the prospect due to the specificity of the report.


5. Landing pages

Landing pages are independent web pages that are affiliated with a particular marketing initiative and can serve as the place for your audience to arrive after clicking on an ad, email signature, or social media post. Landing pages also feature a form that requests contact information from prospects, supporting lead generation.  

MarketingSherpa released a Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report based on data from 2,673 marketers. 43% stated they were very effective and 49% said somewhat, this breakdown shows that, across the board, dedicated landing pages are clearly effective. 

Multiple landing pages can be created for the various campaigns your strategy may have, with each one linking to the same page once a survey or form is completed. Again, collecting data with landing pages is another great way for lead generation, it displays possible prospects showing buying behavior.


6. Animations

Animations, whether 2D or 3D, combine the best of scriptwriting, storyboarding and narration into a powerful medium. They’re effective on specialised landing sites, via email and social media. Great animation can convey a story, serve as a product explainer, or bring your brand to life. They’re designed to explain, persuade, and convert in under 90 seconds.


7. Video case studies

Video case studies are a highly effective method of demonstrating the value of products or services by presenting genuine customer success stories. It’s a more detailed customer testimonial that lends credibility to your services and subsequent marketing efforts. To ensure maximum reach, distributing these videos across social media platforms will give your audience and prospective clients a precise, real-life snapshot of the services on offer. 


8. Web demos/ explainer videos

Consider an online demo to be a more enticing substitute for a sales rep. Viewers learn your product or services on their own terms, at their own pace and on a medium they feel comfortable with, a social media platform. By showing a product, describing a service, or detailing a complicated procedure. 

Wyzowl claims 94% of people have viewed explainer videos to discover more about a product or service, with a further 84% stating they’ve been persuaded to buy a product or service by viewing a brand’s video. Furthermore, analysis of this data in a business-specific context by Forbes uncovered, 59% of executives favor watching a video on a subject rather than reading about it.


To conclude 

This article will hopefully give you the tools and knowledge to own your full marketing asset mix, developing whatever material you need to keep both new and existing clients coming back. In taking this step forward, you’re already one step ahead of most organisations because what’s covered centers around the future of web-based content.


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