Virgin Media SoHo help and support videos

Creating easy to follow video guidance

What we did:

Virgin Media Business (VMB) provides best in class communication technology for organisations of all sizes through its portfolio of smart solutions.


We’ve been working alongside Virgin Media and Virgin Media Business for a number of years supporting a variety of projects with our Campaign and Marketing capabilities. In particular, creating intuitive and effective quickstart guide booklets and videos.

The challenge

In an age where using YouTube to find instructions and ‘how to’ guidance is commonplace, video format support is becoming more than a mere nice to have. Setup and support videos can complement quickstart guides to provide users access to on-demand, easy to follow instructions and can also help organisations to reduce pressure on customer service teams. With this in mind, we worked together with Virgin Media Business to create two help and support videos for their customers: Start up – walking them through the installation process and Back up – what they should do if their internet goes down.

Our Approach

Using the existing user guide booklets, VMB brand guidelines and new Virgin ‘Mojo’ branding as references, we crafted three creative directions for the client as style frames. Following discussion with Virgin Media the final concept used the Virgin Media Business branding at its core but offered a refreshed look and feel. 

Once the creative direction was defined we focused on storyboarding the videos prior to development. This enabled us to iterate and define an easy to follow, simple user journey, which also reflected the existing user guide booklets to provide a streamlined set of instructions. The hardware and key customer action was made the focus of each frame, with chapter dividing scenes and step-by-step numbering to show progress and reassure customers throughout their installation journey.

Business Impact

The Start up and Back up videos have both been successfully implemented by Virgin Media Business, providing easy access, on demand guidance to its users. View the videos here:


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